StaySAFU - Token

The StaySAFU token ($SAFU) is essential to the operation of the StaySAFU's ecosystem. It' s the pillar of our platform. How can i buy $SAFU ?

A project that shapes the future of DeFI.

An entire team in full development is working day and night to make StaySAFU the essential tool for investing in DeFi.

Our goal is to make DeFi investment as secure as possible, and thus to give to everyone the possibility to invest safely. That's why we are working days and nights to improve our tools, and to build new ones.

SAFU Exclusive features

The StaySAFU's token ($SAFU)  is mandatory to access all the features of our tools.

More and more SAFU Exclusive features will be added to our tools next weeks!

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SAFU Vault

The SAFU Vault is a staking vault powered by StaySAFU that allows you to stake your SAFUs. The rewards are generated by the 1% fee there is on every transaction of the token. The annual percentage rate of our first pool is currently 60%.

Buy StaySAFU's Token