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The SAFU Scanner allows you to evaluate in a matter of seconds the possibilities that have owners of a token to scam you through a study of its liquidity, its smart-contract code, its holders and numerous other factors.

The complete version of the scanner gives a detailed report while the free one alerts on the red flags only.

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SAFU Audit

The audits performed by StaySAFU are always complete and especially objective. Our team places itself as a partner of the companies which wish to audit their token and puts forward the secure side of their token while recommending them improvements if necessary. The audits can be faster than you may think if needed.

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We are clear right away.

Nothing is perfect. But our scanner is close to being so. It is very detailed, offering an analysis of all the major factors that allow scammers to steal from investors: holder and liquidity analysis (rug), smart-contract function analysis (delayed honeypot) and trade simulation (honeypot).

StaySAFU will never vouch any token. Never. However, we try to be selective on the tokens we accept to audit, and even if the audits are always tech-based which means that they can't give any information about the scam potential of any project, it's very unlikely that a project audited by StaySAFU turns out to be a scam.

Definitely. You can request the access directly here.

Whether you have further questions or not, we invite you to join our community of 8,000 secure investors on Twitter and Telegram. We share our progress every week with our users & investors.